Bitcoin 2019 Conference - Reflections from San Francisco

After 2 days in San Francisco, surrounded by some of the most influential and brilliant minds in the Bitcoin community, we feel more excited than ever about the future of Bitcoin. With only 1,900 out of 4,000 event tickets selling, we realized that we are still early, that this movement is still in its infancy.

With this realization, our purpose has been reignited. This is a voluntary network and we are committed to doing our part to further it. For us, this means pushing the edge, reaching the normies and telling them why they should buy bitcoin.

We plan on tipping our bartender, server, and hairdresser in bitcoin. We intend to give away bitcoin during our crypto street pulse interviews. We expect to create new, creative, informative ways to reach new people, get them excited about Bitcoin, and get them off of zero.

As we members of the community already know, Bitcoin is a virus. It is spreading, and once you are inoculated, there’s no going back. We plan on becoming active bitcoin carriers, spreading the virus to future bitcoin revolutionaries.

In case you missed the conference in beautiful San Francisco, check out our mini-documentary of the event. We captured sights, sounds, and had a great time exploring the energy of Bitcoin2019.

Join us as we experience our first crypto conference - Bitcoin2019 in San Francisco! Enjoy the sights and sounds of the city and turn up the volume because the music will make you want to bust a move!