Crypto Savvy Bonuses

Here are some bonuses that we've added to the course to help you up level your crypto game! 


BONUS CHEATSHEET: Crypto Lingo Glossary

Wondering what the heck a HODL is? What's it means when something is going to the moon? And what FOMO means?

Download this cheatsheet to get the scoop.



BONUS MODULE: How to Cash Out Your Crypto Earnings

Once you earn a crypto profit you're probably going to want to spend some of it. Let us walk you through the steps to cash out your crypto earnings.

Basically, you are going to reverse the process by which you bought them through a fiat gateway such as Coinbase or Gemini. 



BONUS MODULE: How we Choose Coins

Want to know the secret recipe for how we choose coins that we think are going to the moon?

In this video we'll show you the criteria that we use, including some basic fundamental and technical analysis, and even give you a checklist that you can use to vet coins so that you can pick winners for yourself.



BONUS TRAINING: Curious about Cryptos?

Part I

If you haven't already seen it! Part I covers where the value of Bitcoin could be headed and why now is the perfect time to buy cryptos. Based on supply and demand and fueled by the mass adoption of cryptos that is currently happening by large institutions and billionaire investors, experts predict huge gains in Bitcoin and cryptos in general. For the longer version of the Coinbase tutorial check out the Tutorials section of the course. 


Part II

Part I covered a fast-track version of how to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase, now Part II will show you how to set-up a free cryptocurrency wallet and move your coins to the wallet for safe storage. For a full length tutorial on Exodus visit the Tutorials section of the course.