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Bitcoin (BTC)


Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency, as it was the first crypto successfully built on the blockchain. It was created by an anonymous person named Satoshi Nakamoto after the financial crash of 2008/2009. Bitcoin is a currency, unlike some other cryptos which are tokenized assets or platforms. A contributing factor to Bitcoins value is its limited supply of 21 million.

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News Resources


The crypto space moves fast! Staying up to date on the latest news and technological innovations is key.

Here are a couple of new resources to get you started:

Coin Telegraph


Coin Exchanges


There are two types of exchanges: those that allow you to  purchase cryptos directly with US dollars  and those that only exchange coin to coin.

US dollar to crypto exchange: Coinbase

Peer-to-peer Bitcoin exchange:

Crypto to crypto exchange: Binance 



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Storing your private keys with a wallet keeps your crypto assets protected. There are 3 different types of wallets: cold storage (hardware), hot wallets (software), and paper wallets.

Check out the two wallets that we personally use:

Software wallet: Exodus (Free)

Hardware wallet: Ledger Nano S

Remember to securely store your hardware wallets, paper wallets, and backups of your private keys securely. A fire-safe, water-proof safe is recommended.

Recommended Reading

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This Mike Maloney video is eye opening to the current status of our monetary system. Enjoy this video, and learn more at his website:



Whether you're interested in up-leveling your crypto game or you're just getting started - we can help!


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Crypto Savvy 101 - The Ultimate Beginner's Crash Course to Cryptocurrency

The learning curve of new technology is the hardest part about getting started in cryptos - but don't let that stop you! We've made it easy...

From blockchain, to wallets, and beyond. This digital course will give you instant access to all of the tools that you'll need to successfully build a crypto portfolio of your own.

And if you still have questions, course members get special members only email access to us.

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Crypto Coaching

Want to up-level your crypto game? Need a little extra support with one specific area? Or just want to make a plan and know exactly how to follow through with it? We've got you covered!

For two-on-one assistance schedule a Skype session with us. We can share screens to help you over any hurdle.


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