It all started...

when we first heard about Bitcoin back in 2010, we wanted to buy some, but were too intimidated by the technological learning curve. -- How to buy it? How to store it? What even is Bitcoin? -- There were a lot of questions and not a lot of answers, so we decided to instead invest in something tangible and easier to acquire - silver bullion.

Over the next 7 years the price of silver stagnated, while the price of Bitcoin continued to rise. We knew we had missed out on a lot of potential, but we could see that there was further potential in Bitcoin and we didn't want to miss out anymore.

We started learning, reading, and researching cryptos ravenously. After weeding through hundreds (if not thousands) of articles and videos we’d found the answers to many of our questions, so in early 2017 we sold all of our silver and invested those funds into Bitcoin. Thank. Goodness.

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Getting into cryptos isn't as intimidating or hard as it seems once you get some basics down. Yes, learning any new skill or technology can be challenging at first, but once you're familiar with a few general concepts, it gets a lot easier.

Inspired by our experience, and the incredible future potential of cryptocurrency, we transitioned into full time crypto - doing our part to help encourage mass adoption of cryptos through education.


The Crypto Street Pulse

Interviewing the public about cryptocurrencies in Truckee, Ca July 2018

Interviewing the public about cryptocurrencies in Truckee, Ca July 2018

As cryptocurrency educators, we’ve made it part of our job to travel to different locations to conduct research, taking a pulse on what the public thinks about Bitcoin and cryptos. So, we hit the streets to talk to people about cryptos - and get it on camera!

Our hope is that through this ongoing project we can document the progress of crypto mass adoption and clear up any misconceptions along the way. 

As we conduct street interviews we post about our experiences and take the time to dispel myths and misconceptions as they come up. Through this project our goal is to bring awareness to cryptocurrencies and hasten their inevitable mass adoption so we can all realize the benefits and efficiencies they offer.

Follow our journey on DTube, YouTube, and our blog.

Why Cryptos?

There are many different reasons that people are drawn to cryptos.

For us, we are passionate about cryptocurrencies because they are not debt based, subject to inflation, or manipulated by any government. Bitcoin represent a true store of value. Even multi-million dollar companies such as Goldman Sachs, Microsoft, and Starbucks are beginning to realize the potential of cryptocurrencies. 

Decentralized currencies have the ability to take the power out of the hands of the big bankers and middlemen, and put value back into the pockets of individuals. When you buy cryptocurrency, you get a chance to restore your value. This new financial technology has the potential to free up your time and energy to do more the things that you actually love to do.


What we do

Bitcoin Rebel trucker hat featured in our Etsy shop, The Crypto Savvy Shop

Bitcoin Rebel trucker hat featured in our Etsy shop, The Crypto Savvy Shop

We consider it our job to make cryptos socially acceptable and easy to understand. We aim to bring cryptos out from behind a computer screen and give crypto adoption a couple of friendly faces to interact with.

We want to encourage mass adoption of cryptocurrencies in any way that we can, therefore we've created a variety of resources from digital courses, free trainings, newsletters, crypto coaching services, blogs, videos, and even a crypto Etsy shop!

We are also available for interviews, speaking engagements, and networking events. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions and opportunities at 


Don't let the steep learning curve of new technology stop you from getting involved and following your curiosity into the crypto space. You deserve an amazing life and cryptos are offering you an opportunity. 

If you're ready to take the plunge (or at least dip your toe in the water) Crypto Savvy 101 is a great place to start...